Nature's Blends Soy Candles

Nature's Blends Soy Candles

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100% Natural Soy Candles from Nature's Blends

All candles are made with Soy Wax, natural essential oils, and 100% hemp wicks (no wire core). The boiling point of Soy Wax is so low there is no worry if it spills onto the skin. In fact, many people will find the melted soy wax a wonderful hand moisturizer.

The hemp wick allows for a cleaner burning candle. There is no black smoke from a burning wire core. And what is even better once the candle burns, the jar will be completely clean of wax residue.


8 oz candles will give 48 hours of burning time, and 16 oz candles will give 128 hours of burning time.

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